Semi-enclosed Aluminum Carts

Welded 1 1/4”x 11 ga. extruded square tube corner posts with 3/4”x 14 ga. round tube vertical closure (back and ends) and patented structural channel horizontal members. Top is open. Vertical closure tubes pass through horizontal members and are welded at each contact point inside the structural channel. All structural profiles are extruded aluminum with rounded corners.

G 860BF shown
with optional

screen printing
on cover
G-800 • Semi Enclosed Carts
Standard Sizes
Outside Dimensions (Incl. Bumper) Inside Dimensions
Model Length Width Height Length Width
G836 37.5” 23.5” 69” 33.5” 22”
G845 46.5” 23.5” 69” 42.5” 22”
G860 62” 23.5” 69” 58” 22”
Capacities & Weight
Model Cu. Ft. Bushels Approx. cart wt.
G836 25 21 100 lbs
G845 32 25 125 lbs
G860 42 32 160 lbs


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